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  1. What’s New at TPC Packaging Solutions? (October 2021 Updates)

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    There are many exciting things happening at TPC Packaging Solutions lately, and we wanted to share them with you. In this blog, we will highlight some of the biggest updates at TPC in recent months, including our converting and die cutting services, electric vehicle (EV) battery capabilities, and our online equipment catalog. 

    New Converting & Die Cutting Services

    Die cutting services at TPC Packaging Solutions

    TPC is proud to offer a superior selection of converting services for a wide range of materials. Our converting capabilities include: 

    • Precision cutting. We use the most advanced equipment available to perfectly cut even the most intricate designs within the tightest tolerances. 
    • Slitting. The TPC team can customize your master rolls into a variety of widths, including narrow and non-standard, based on the precise dimensional requirements of your application. 
    • Printing. TPC offers extensive printing capabilities for your packaging solutions, including flexographic, thermal, inkjet, and foil stamping.
    • Prototyping. We have the ability to create prototypes quickly and without tools.
    • Laminating adhesive substrates. We are able to laminate adhesives to one or both sides of a substrate.
    • Spooling and rewind finishing. TPC provides customized spool-wound products to suit the needs of each client and ensure fewer roll changes. 
    • Tool-less die cutting. At TPC, our laser gives us the ability to do tool-less die cutting, kiss cutting, perfing, and more without waiting for dies.

    We also provide several types of die cutting services and can advise you on the most cost-efficient and precise method for your purposes. We rely on die cutting to produce many types of products, including foam tapes and protective films. The die cutting process provides precise cuts, decreases scrap material, and maximizes productivity. TPC provides two types of in-house die cutting:

    • Rotary die cutting. This type of die cutting uses cylindrical dies attached to a rotary press to cut precise shapes. It also slits, laminates, and perforates materials. 
    • Flatbed die cutting. Also referred to as steel rule die cutting, this process cuts custom designs from materials using a flatbed die cutting press and steel rule dies. 

    At TPC, our in-house capabilities for die cutting are extensive. Our rotary die press can perform guillotine cutting, scoring, island placement, liner changes, pneumatic knock-out stations, and more. We also have a flashcut table that allows us to cut shapes, punch holes, score, and fold without using a cutting die, making it ideal for prototyping or sample runs. We regularly work with a diverse selection of materials, including rubber, plastic, abrasive materials, pressure-sensitive materials, and more.

    EV Battery Capabilities

    EV battery solutions at TPC Packaging Solutions

    As electric vehicles become more prevalent in the automotive industry, EV batteries become an area of critical importance. TPC offers high-quality adhesives, tapes, and encapsulation materials to hold and protect electric car batteries. Our EV battery solutions include:

    • Cell-to-cell bonding
    • Compression pads
    • Thermal runaway protection
    • Thermal interface materials (TIMs)
    • Pack seal and gasketing
    • Flexible busbar adhesives
    • Electrical insulation
    • Cell wrapping

    Choosing the right type of tape and adhesive is critical in EV battery applications. At TPC, all our products for EV batteries have been specially designed for optimal performance in the specific challenges of electric vehicle operating environments.

    Online Packaging Equipment Catalog

    TPC Equipment Catalog

    Investing in the right packaging equipment can dramatically increase your company’s productivity. Automated and semi-automated packaging solutions enhance your staff and free up time to focus on other important tasks. 

    TPC provides customized packaging solutions and stocks a wide range of equipment. Our packaging equipment portfolio can be seen in our online catalog, where you will find all the details on our equipment’s features and specifications. If you see something you’re interested in, you can request more information directly from the catalog. 

    Packaging Equipment & Services at TPC Packaging Solutions

    If you’re looking for a reliable provider of customized packaging solutions, TPC has over 50 years of experience and a broad portfolio of services and equipment to meet your needs. Our team works closely with you to choose the perfect processes, adhesives, and other solutions, enabling you to streamline processes and budgets. If you’re looking for packaging equipment, EV battery solutions, converting, or die cutting services, please contact us to get started on your customized solution.

  2. 5 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Packaging Design and Style

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    5 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Packaging Design and Style

    Online shopping is continuously growing in popularity, which means many consumers will encounter your product for the first time through a website purchase. They don’t get the opportunity to touch it and see it up close, so having the best ecommerce packaging is your most powerful tool for influencing buying decisions and attracting loyal customers. 

    In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some ecommerce packaging ideas and design best practices.

    1. Fit the Packaging to Your Product

    The smaller the package, the lower your carbon footprint and the less you have to spend on it, making it a good idea to fit your packaging as closely to the product as possible, preferably with a bit of space to add padding and protection. This also helps to prevent damage to your product during transit, as it will not jostle around in your packaging. 

    2. Consider Protective Packaging Materials

    Balancing a close fit with practical packaging solutions means there will still be a little space between your product and the package. This gap will need to be filled with something, depending on your particular product and how fragile it is. You have many options to choose from for protective packaging, including:

    • Bubble Wrap
    • Packing Paper or Foam
    • Air Pillows
    • Packaging Paper (HexcelWrap™is an excellent curbside recyclable and repulpable choice)

    3. Using Reusable or Recyclable Packaging

    Reusable and recyclable packaging reduces waste while improving your company’s image as a sustainable and responsible one. Consumers feel better about their purchase, as they will be aware that they are not contributing to waste, and they may be more likely to purchase from you again in the future based on this value. Today’s recyclable options are just as durable as non-recyclable choices, ensuring your products will arrive safely. 

    An alternative (or addition) to recyclable packaging is reusable packaging. Creative reversible mailers, for one example, allow customers to return merchandise. Boxes can be reused as a gift wrap alternative.

    4. Know Your Printed Materials

    Printed materials give you a wide variety of options for reaching your customers. These are especially important for ecommerce packaging:

    • Printed Tape: Custom printed tape can be less expensive than a printed box while allowing you to maintain your branding. 
    • Bubble Mailers: With a durable poly exterior and bubble wrap on the inside, bubble mailers are great for mailing small items. You can keep printing simple on poly mailers, or you may choose to add more complex designs or information via stickers. 
    • Flat Mailers: Flat mailers are typically made of paper, poly, or cardboard, which are easily printed with your branding or product information. 
    • PACjacket: When you require a high volume of high-quality sealed bags, the PACjacket can produce 15-20 of them every minute. It is an automatic system where you can make your own mailer that can increase your fulfillment efficiency by up to 500%.  
    • Custom Mailers: Customized branded mailers allow you to create one that fits your product, rather than trying to make a standard mailer work for your unique item. 

    5. Keep Your Packaging Choices Consistent & Unique

    Your packaging becomes a part of your brand as return customers know what to expect when they receive a package from you. Your customers will be able to identify your distinct bags and boxes, and you will ultimately save money from not constantly reinventing the packaging style. 

    Unique, attractive packaging increases the chances of it being shared with others, too: unboxing videos on YouTube and features on other social media channels have notably been on the rise in recent years. Companies may encourage this sharing by offering giveaways and perks for those who create this content, further helping to spread brand awareness.

    Ecommerce Packaging at TPC Packaging Solutions

    From tapes and labels to mailers, packaging equipment, and protective packaging, TPC Packaging Solutions has everything you need for effective ecommerce-ready packaging. With more than 50 years of experience across industries, we stand ready to help fulfill your needs and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We take an innovative approach to everything we do, investing in the latest technology and top education and training for our team, so we can deliver the best ecommerce packaging solutions for you.

    Contact us to learn more about our unique packaging ideas for shipping your products safely and in a way that brings your brand home to your customers.

Find out how TPC can help you optimize your packaging process by reducing your costs and increasing efficiency.

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