• Wexxar Case Erectors & Tray Formers

    • Fully Automatic Case Erectors & Formers

      • Case Formers
        • Wexxar Automatic case erectors utilized the patented Pin & Dome system for extreme reliability and performance when opening and forming cases.
        • Unlike traditional mechanical methods of case opening by erectors that use suction cups to grab the case panels, Pin & Dome technology overcomes irregular glue joints and environmental factors by controlling the case by its flutes.
        • There are also significant savings in maintenance and energy consumption as air is not constantly used for holding onto the case.
        • For the last 25 years, Wexxar’s Pin & Dome machines have become the standard for major customers who demand the highest quality output and maximum up-time.
      • Tray Formers
        • The tray formers and sealing solutions from Wexxar Bel are designed to meet the broad needs of diverse industries.
        • These automated machines eliminate manual operations and create great throughput in production.
        • Ipak tray former systems available through Wexxar Bel include:
          • Fully Automatic Tray Formers
          • Sealing, Stacking, & Feeding Solutions
        • Trays can be formed simply folded or glued
    • Automatic and Semi-Automatic Case Sealers & Semi-Automatic Case Formers

      • Wexxar Bel automatic and semi-automatic case sealing equipment is designed specifically to increase products rates and reallocate labor versus manual case packing lines.
      • A Wexxar Bel case former allows the case to be held firmly in place giving the operator both hands to quickly and ergonomically pack a case.
        • Once married to a case sealer, it exponentially increases the speed in which product can be case packed and sealed.
      • These systems create an efficient and precise flow for forming cases and sealing them.
      • The G3/505 case former from Wexxar Bel features:
        • The versatility to case pack from all three sides of the machine
        • Gripping wheels that hold the case firmly in place and allows for both hands to be free to pack without worry about steadying the box while packing.
        • Up to 50 pounds of product can be packed per case and held firmly.
        • Quick toolless adjustments that take seconds to account for varying case sizes.
        • Modifications that allow the former to be slanted for improved ergonomics.

Wexxar Bel Case Erectors & Formers at TPC Packaging

Wexxar Case Sealers

  • These systems feature higher throughput creating greater efficiency, ease of use and maintenance, and more.
  • With space saving innovations, the semi-automatic and fully automatic case sealers are designed to handle a broad range of industry requirements.
  • BEL case sealer machines are ideal for packaging lines that do not warrant full automation because of:
    • Limited floor space and technical staff
    • Low volume
    • Limited resources
    • Frequently changing case sizes and pack configurations
    • Manual product inspection

Wexxar Bel Case Sealers at TPC Packaging

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