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  1. Bubble On Demand vs. Buying Bubble Wrap

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    Bubble on Demand vs Buying Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap has been a popular packaging material for several decades, known for its ability to protect fragile items during shipping and handling. However, in recent years, a new product has emerged as a potential alternative: bubble-on-demand. This innovative packaging solution allows users to create custom-sized sheets of bubble wrap as needed, reducing waste and saving space compared to traditional bubble wrap. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between bubble-on-demand and bubble wrap, and help you determine which product may be best suited for your packaging needs.

    What Is Bubble on Demand?

    Organizations are turning to Bubble-on-Demand, or inflatable packaging, as a packaging solution to address their need to protect goods during transportation. The packing material can be inflated as needed, providing optimal protection while reducing the need to keep rolls of bubble wrap on the floor, saving space.

    Bubble-on-Demand solutions are plastic and shipped deflated in rolls that can be stored, stacked, and easily organized. During packaging operations, a worker loads the roll into a machine that inflates and seals the plastic material into bubble wrap. The rolls and machines take up little space compared to pre-inflated bubble wrap, and the machine can be disassembled for compact storage.

    Bubble-on-Demand solutions offer custom patterns and shapes to improve the unboxing experience for consumers. They can also be designed in heavy-duty configurations to optimize protection, using air as cushioning to improve delivery conditions in harsh shipping environments.

    Benefits of Bubble on Demand

    Bubble-on-Demand provides several benefits for packaging operations, including:

    • Space-Saving: Conventional bubble wrap requires large amounts of floor space to store. Bubble-on-demand comes in deflated, compact, and manageable rolls in boxes that can be stacked and stored anywhere in a warehouse or facility. Their lighter storage requirements allow packaging operations to order and store larger quantities of Bubble-on-Demand than they could bubble wrap, saving time and shipping costs. One pallet of Bubble-on-Demand film can replace more than a truckload of conventional bubble wrap. Since you only pay to ship the plastic and not the air, it can significantly reduce shipping costs regardless of volume.
    • Efficiency: Bubble-on-Demand machines require one operator and can quickly inflate bubble wrap as needed. The machine can even inflate bubble wrap directly inside the packaging to create the ideal amount of protection in one quick operation. One machine can produce enough bubble wrap to provide several packing stations simultaneously, reducing labor and allowing employees to pack more efficiently.
    • Less Waste: Bubble-on-Demand rolls are available in several perforated lengths, allowing packaging employees to use the required amount without wasting material.
    • Optimal Protection: Conventional bubble wrap and Bubble-on-Demand are preferred packaging options, providing safe and protective packaging for goods. The high mobility of Bubble-on-Demand film rolls allows the material to be easily placed in the ideal location and inflated as needed to provide hassle-free, optimized protection.

    Benefits of Buying Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap is a preferred solution for many packaging operations. It provides the following benefits to keep goods protected during transportation:

    • Optimal impact protection
    • Customizable for a range of goods and packaging
    • Efficient and easy-to-use
    • A cost-effective, lightweight solution contributes little to shipping costs
    • Provides a clean and flat surface to wrap goods

    Bubble-on-Demand Solutions From TPC Packaging Solutions

    While many packaging operations depend on bubble wrap to protect their packaged goods during transportation, Bubble-on-Demand can offer protection as needed in an efficient and simple solution. TPC Packaging Solutions can help you find the ideal Bubble-on-Demand solution for your packaging volume and specialized shipping requirements. We have over five decades of experience serving various industries with innovative packaging solutions. Our commitment to providing valuable solutions from the leading manufacturers ensures your satisfaction. Contact us to find your ideal packaging solution.

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