Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers

Hand held or table top tape dispensers for manually applying tape to product and/or sealing cartons.

  • Standard pistol grip dispensers for general purpose carton sealing
  • Dispensers with foam cushion for more comfortable grip
  • Mousetrap-type carton sealing tape dispenser – allow for larger 220 yard rolls
  • Folded edge tape dispenser – creates an easy open method for opening carton
  • Filament tape dispenser – ergonomically designed for strapping cartons and for L-CLIP and C-CLIP applications
  • Tape dispensers for dispensing definite length of tape
  • Tape dispensers for dispensing and holding definite length of tape on rotating carousel
  • L-CLIP- dispensers
  • ATG (transfer tape) dispensers
  • Double sided tape dispensers
  • Filament/Strapping tape dispensers

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When you need dispensers, call us at 800-543-4930. One of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you find the best dispenser for your needs.