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Refurbished laptops being re-packed

Application: Refurbished laptops being re-packed, with direct fulfillment to end users.

Challenge: This customer contacted us with the initial challenge of finding a semi-automatic case sealer that could work with their narrow laptop box. The only off–the–shelf solution available would only allow for 1.25″ tape, instead of the 2″ that they wanted.

TPC Solution: We were able to help with a custom built case sealer that would run 2″ effectively with the narrow laptop case, coming in under the customer’s budget. Upon completing a site survey, we were also able to identify an opportunity to help them reallocate labor to other areas of their operation by integrating a print and apply label applicator. The label applicator applies a shipping label; this allows for a reduction of one operator.

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High resolution ink jet printer

  • Hi-Resolution Ink Jet Printing allows you to reduce material cost, by as much as 1/10th of a paper label
  • Greatly reduced labor cost vs. manually applying labels
  • Customize messages and change easily with a Windows based system
  • Leave behind the large minimums on pre-printed box orders
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Die cut foam tape (appliance application):

Tesa Extendedliner RollAn appliance manufacturer was using glue to attach low surface energy plastic components.

Our team suggested using tesa ACX+ 706 series. The high bond ACX+ adhered very well to the lower surface energy plastic, required no cure time and was cleaner and easier to use than liquid adhesives.

To speed up production, we die cut the parts to the perfect dimensions and created an easy to remove liner tab. The die-cut tape parts lowered production costs, reduced quality issues and improved aesthetics of the appliance.

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