Foil Tape/Insulation Seaming Tape

Foil tape

Foil Insulation tape is the ideal solution to seam and repair building insulation facings, seal duct systems, cracks and seams in gutters, roofing and eaves and protect duct work and piping. Insulation tape creates a heat shield and heat reflection and can be used as a sealant for building expansion joints or a watertight seal to keep out moisture, vapor, air or sound.

At TPC, we provide many types of insulation tapes:

  • UL181
  • Aluminum Foil
  • FSK (foil skrim kraft)
  • ASJ (all service jacket)
  • WMP (white metalized polyester)
  • Butyl Backed Foil (flashing tape)
  • Cladding Jacketing System
  • Expansion Joint Sealant (Emseal)
  • Embossed White Vinyl – for seaming insulation

We offer quality products from:

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If you have a need to seam, repair or protect with insulation tape, contact us at 800.543.4930. One of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you find the right solution.