Industries Served

TPC Packaging Solutions is a leading provider of packaging options and services for companies in multiple different industries, including the eCommerce delivery of consumer goods and subscriptions. For over 55 years, we’ve been partnering with manufacturers, retailers, and distribution companies to increase their efficiency and provide reliable, high-quality packaging services that are personalized to fit their needs. We continually innovate our services with the latest technology in protective packaging, branded packaging, inventory systems, and supply chain logistics for maintaining a flow of packaged products through their distribution lines.

At TPC Packaging Solutions, our core focus is on providing optimized solutions that give our clients real value. Our team will help you find ways to:

  • Providing ROI driven solutions through the right packaging and shipping options
  • Evaluate your operations for opportunities to increase efficiencies, remove unnecessary redundancies, and find improvements
  • Personalized inventory methods through custom inventory arrangements and just-in-time delivery that suits your business’s needs as they fluctuate

Learn more about how we serve the following industries with better packaging and logistics solutions.

eCommerce Packaging Solutions

eCommerce markets are growing, and serving customers with packaging that is secure, uniform, and aesthetically pleasing is one of the keys to repeat business. At the same time, new and growing eCommerce businesses need cost-effective inventory and packaging solutions that allow their operations to thrive. We provide a full suite of eCommerce packaging solutions that are designed to the needs of each of our eCommerce clients. Our services include the following:

  • Carton Sealing Tapes: We offer printed, color, flatback, and water-activated tapes.
  • Label Applicators: Our solutions include automated and semi-automated applicators that will apply custom, pre-print, direct thermal and thermal transfer labels.
  • Mailers: Choose any mailer that fits your branding, product needs, and budget. Options include insulated mailers, tubes, cold seal packaging, and packaging from different materials like chipboard, kraft, and poly.
  • Polybags: Polybags can protect sensitive and fragile contents from the elements and environmental sources of damage throughout the distribution journey. Our selection of bags includes zippered, grommeted, open-ended, and ticketed bags. Choose from plain or custom-printed options and other varieties of polybags.
  • Protective Packaging: Develop a custom protective packaging setup that keeps fragile or high-value products safe. We provide foams and air pillows to fill up voids and shock watch damage indicators to alert users to damage.
  • Packaging Equipment: The right packaging equipment makes all the difference in speed and quality. We can optimize your e-commerce packaging process with sealing, wrapping, material handling, and conveying equipment.
  • Pack Stations: Our team can optimize your efficiency by refining and designing dedicated pack stations for completing packaging and labeling tasks.

Our complete e-commerce solution is designed to provide it all so your products have superior protection and packaging at a cost-effective rate — no matter your niche.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverages are consumable goods that require precise packaging solutions to keep the contents safe, appealing, and compliant with industry regulations. Our teams can optimize your existing packaging processes with the right operational procedures and equipment to reduce the risk of spoilage and faulty packaging that gets sent to retailers or direct customers. Some of the factors to consider with food and beverage packaging include the following:

  • Barriers to Contaminates: Does the food need to be sealed entirely from contact with the surrounding environment? Does it need airtight plastic packaging?
  • Temperature Control: Do the products need to remain below a certain temperature (i.e., frozen goods or perishable items)? Or do the products need to have temperature indicators that guarantee temperatures stay within a certain range throughout the entire journey?
  • Physical Damage Concerns: To what extent do the products need to be protected? Do they need air pillows or insulated packaging to remove the risk of breakage, dents, or bruising?

We can create the right packaging solution that addresses all of these concerns and more for multiple products in the food and beverage industry, ranging from bottled wine to meal prep subscriptions. Solutions include:

  • Packaging materials such as bags, films, and sheets that are food-grade and compliant with sanitation requirements
  • Tapes and wraps for secure packaging
  • Machinery to streamline the process

Cold Chain/Temperature Controlled Packaging

Maintaining the temperature of sensitive goods is a priority for companies that produce food, pharmaceuticals, and other goods that need to maintain cold temperatures. Our packaging solutions are designed to ensure those cold temperatures throughout the packaging and delivery process. Optimize your process with machinery specifically designed to handle low-temperature goods without exposing them to heat. Also, we partner with packaging material manufacturers that create low-temperature packaging. Protect your products with:

  • Insulated shippers and pallet shippers
  • EPS molded coolers
  • Gel packs and refrigerants that provide additional cooling
  • Packing tapes and films built to work at low temperatures
  • Temperature indicators that verify the integrity of the temperature chain throughout transport

Building & Construction Supplies

We serve the construction industry with heavy-duty, high-performance packaging materials. Our solutions include packaging like straps that can contain large pallets of heavy goods, protective wraps and sheets for breakable goods like windows, and tapes and seals for keeping materials like paint, quick-dry fillers, and more ready for use.

Shipping & Receiving

Optimize every part of your shipping and receiving process with the right resources for your unique organization. With TPC, you can have customized workstations that are built and stocked with the right materials for quick, safe materials handling and packaging. We can provide you with the materials for virtually any type of packaging requirements, including stretch film, applicators and labels, and carton sealing tape that’s matched to the packaging surfaces you use. We also provide packaging equipment that can automate, streamline, and augment operations.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing companies thrive when they can offer secondary and value-added services like packaging and shipping. Organizations that can offer a complete suite of hands-off manufacturing and distribution services provide value to their clients. At TPC, we help manufacturing and assembling services offer these options with just-in-time delivery of packaging materials, plenty of packaging options to fulfill the needs of any direct or indirect manufacturing clients, and the machinery needed to efficiently provide these services. Our complete packaging solutions for manufacturing and assembly clients include:

  • Stretch film for pallet wrapping
  • Marking and coding materials
  • Industrial tape for superior hold
  • Equipment that manages the needs of your facility’s processes

Multi-Industry Packaging Solutions by TPC

Investing in high-quality packaging solutions is more than just a way to make your in-house operations more efficient. By investing in the right packaging and sealing solutions for each of your products, you can better guarantee product safety, customer satisfaction, and overall brand reputation. At TPC Packaging Solutions, we offer multi-industry packaging optimization and design solutions to outfit your company with the right processes and tools to get the job done well. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your packaging operations more efficient and reliable.