Shrink Wrap and Shrink Tunnel Equipment

Shrink Wrap and Shrink Tunnel Equipment

Shrink wrap equipment applies a protective covering over diverse items such as food, beverages, bulk goods, tools, automotive components, and toys. First wrapping goods in a thin layer of polymer plastic film, these machines then utilize heat from a tunnel to shrink the plastic so that it will adhere to the intended surface with a secure fit.

Shrink wrap is a versatile material, with applications ranging from product protection to packaging quality. To accommodate the needs of varied applications, there are multiple types of shrink wrap machines and tunnels available on the market. At TPC Packaging Solutions, we offer an array of optimized packaging automation machines that drive ROI and improve efficiency for our manufacturing, distribution, and retailer clients. Learn about the different types of shrink film packaging machines and tunnels we offer at TPC Packaging Solutions, our options for shrink wrap materials, and the sustainability advantages of shrink wrap.

Types of Shrink Wrap and Tunnel Equipment

At TPC, we specialize in semi- and fully automated packaging equipment. Each type of shrink film and tunnel machine offers its own advantages based on the needs of your operation. You can choose from:

  • Semi-automatic machines: These machines automate the process of individually wrapping units, but they require a human operator to load and unload goods on the machine and start each wrapping cycle. Faster and more consistent than manual equipment, semi-automatic machines are ideal for smaller operations. They offer high versatility and easy maintenance at a more affordable price than fully automated machines.
  • Automatic machines: Automatic machines are fully automated, requiring little to no intervention from an operator. A conveyor belt or related apparatus can load goods onto the machine, which will automatically identify the load, assess its dimensions, wrap it in sufficient material, and heat the wrap to shrink and adhere it before moving on to the next load. Fully automated shrink wrappers offer superior production speeds, require less labor and related costs, and generate less scrap material.

Our solutions include radiant and steam shrink tunnels for shrinking bands or preforms. Shrink applicators and sleeves apply wrap to containers of various sizes and combo units that combine sealers and tunnels for optimal efficiency. Our shrink systems possess the ability to wrap your products in “best practice and testing approved” films such as polyolefin (POF), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Whether you’re looking for comprehensive turnkey systems or end-of-line packaging machinery, we can assist you with our high-performance line of automation and robotic solutions well-suited to diverse applications and industries.


Companies and consumers worldwide are prioritizing sustainability efforts, and shrink wrapping aligns with those goals. Shrink wrap is a sustainable, recyclable packaging option that reduces an operation’s carbon footprint. It’s a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use packaging to minimize your impact on the environment.

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