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A stretch wrap machine, or stretch wrapper, automates the pallet wrapping process. Stretch wrap machines provide a consistent wrap with the right amount of containment to protect your shipments.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap Machines Over Hand Wrapping

Stretch wrap machines offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and product protection compared to hand wrapping methods. Key benefits of this equipment include:

  • Convenience: Stretch wrapping equipment eliminates the need for manual hand wrapping processes that have to be performed by employees.
  • Speed and consistency: Stretch wrapping machines offer improved speeds and wrapping consistency. This often results in better load containment than hand wrapping.
  • Improved safety: Because stretch wrappers require less intervention from human workers, this machinery reduces the risk of employee injury and fatigue.

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic Stretch Film Machines

Stretch film machines come in both semi and fully automatic configurations. The type you choose depends on the speed and production volume requirements of your packaging process.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers require partial involvement from machine operators, making them well-suited for low- to medium-volume wrapping applications. With these systems, a worker must position the load and secure the film to it before starting the wrapping cycle.

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrappers

When faster, more efficient stretch wrapping is needed, fully automatic machines are an ideal choice. These systems can wrap pallets with virtually no intervention from workers. Typically, pallets are delivered through the use of conveyance systems and positioned to be wrapped. Many fully automated stretch wrap machines can determine the load’s height to improve the wrapping process and ensure optimal load containment. These systems are ideal for high-volume production applications.

Types of Stretch Wrap Machines

There are numerous types of stretch wrap machines available, including:

Turntable Wrappers

Turntable wrappers are the most popular type of stretch wrap machine. Pallets are loaded on a turntable, which spins as the stretch film is applied to the load. Starting from the bottom of the pallet, the stretch film moves up and down until the load is properly contained. Turntable wrappers are ideal for a wide range of environments and applications.

Rotary Arm Wrappers

Rotary arm stretch wrappers rotate around a stationary pallet, wrapping it while it spins. This type of stretch wrap machine is well-suited for containing heavy or unstable loads.

Orbital Wrappers

Orbital stretch wrap equipment wraps loads over and under as pallets move along a conveyor system. These machines are often used for wrapping flattened or irregularly shaped loads.

Product Highlight: Cousins Automatic Switch A-Arm Stretch Wrappers

The Cousins Automatic Switch A-Arm Stretch Wrapper is a patented and fully automatic stretch wrapping machine capable of being operated from a forklift via a wireless remote. This unique machine eliminates the need for operators to get off and on the lift to attach and cut film, resulting in improved safety and reduced labor costs.

Other features of the Cousins Automatic Switch A-Arm Stretch Wrapper include:

  • Simple and safe: This machine features an advanced cut-and-hold device that offers significant safety and productivity benefits.
  • All electric: It is completely electric and requires no air or noisy compressors.
  • Cost-effective: This machine doesn’t cost much more than a semi-automatic option, offering an affordable solution that fits any budget.
  • A-Arm technology: The machine’s A-Arm technology comes in a fully automated conveyorized system that can help to decrease labor costs.

To meet ranging needs, TPC Packaging Solutions offers the Cousins Automatic Switch A-Arm Stretch Wrapper in both low-profile and high-profile configurations.

Stretch Wrapping Services from TPC Packaging

In addition to quality equipment, we offer a number of services to support your stretch wrapping operations, including:

Pre-Stretched Film for Added Savings

With film pre-stretching, the film is initially stretched at the production stage, sometimes even up to 400%. This results in improved strength and over three times more usable material compared to standard stretch film. Consequently, pre-stretch films can provide significant cost savings on materials.

Cutting and Testing

We can analyze the current conditions of your stretch wrapping operations and examine your machine settings to determine any factors that may be affecting performance. Based on our findings as well as your unique goals, we can identify the right stretch wrapping solution for you. TPC Packaging can also cut films to meet your specific requirements.

Roller Upgrades

We offer various stretch wrapper retrofits and upgrades. This provides a more cost-effective way to increase production and enhance pallet unitizing while lowering stretch film costs.

Stretch Wrap Machines at TPC Packaging

We supply stretch wrap machines for every application and environment to make sure your facility’s shipping and receiving process is optimized to its fullest potential.

  • Semi-Automatic Wrappers
  • Fully Automatic Wrappers
  • Turntables
  • Rotary Arm Wrappers
  • Horizontal Wrappers
  • Portable Wrappers – to wrap virtually any length or width load or to take the wrapper to the load anywhere in your facility
  • Custom Systems – to apply stretch wrap to anything
  • High Profile & Low Profile Models – to suit your material handling preference

Additionally, we provide many options that can be added to your stretch wrap machine to make sure your needs are being met. Here are some of those options:

  • Extended Tower (for taller loads)
  • Extended Bases (for long loads)
  • Built-in Scales – where your wrapper turntable is also your scale deck; stop wasting time and floor space weighing your pallets separately, then moving them to the wrapper to be wrapped
  • Remote Start – eliminates the forklift driver from getting on and off to attach and cut film
  • Roping Bar – to tie the load to the pallet
  • Stand-Alone Scales

Automate Your Packaging with Stretch Wrap Machines

Interested in automating your packaging line? Contact us at 800.543.4930 and one of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you optimize your facility. We can schedule a visit to better understand your palletization process.

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We also offer used stretch wrappers, such as Lantech and Wulftec.

At TPC, we are committed to finding your company the absolute best stretch wrap machine. Contact us today!