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A stretch wrap machine, or stretch wrapper, automates the pallet wrapping process. Stretch wrap machines provide a consistent wrap with the right amount of containment to protect your shipments.

We supply stretch wrap machines for every application and environment to make sure your facility’s shipping and receiving process is optimized to its fullest potential.

  • Semi-Automatic Wrappers
  • Fully Automatic Wrappers
  • Turntables
  • Rotary Arm Wrappers
  • Horizontal Wrappers
  • Portable Wrappers – to wrap virtually any length or width load or to take the wrapper to the load anywhere in your facility
  • Custom Systems – to apply stretch wrap to anything
  • High Profile & Low Profile Models – to suit your material handling preference

Additionally, we provide many options that can be added to your stretch wrap machine to make sure your needs are being met. Here are some of those options:

  • Extended Tower (for taller loads)
  • Extended Bases (for long loads)
  • Built-in Scales – where your wrapper turntable is also your scale deck; stop wasting time and floor space weighing your pallets separately, then moving them to the wrapper to be wrapped
  • Remote Start – eliminates the forklift driver from getting on and off to attach and cut film
  • Roping Bar – to tie the load to the pallet
  • Stand-Alone Scales

Interested in automating your packaging line? Contact us at 800.543.4930 and one of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you optimize your facility. We can schedule a visit to better understand your palletization process.

We offer quality products from:

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We also offer used stretch wrappers, such as Lantech and Wulftec.

At TPC, we are committed to finding your company the absolute best stretch wrap machine. Contact us today!

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