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How Automated Packaging Enhances Product Protection

Packaging Sizing and Protection

Packaging automation solutions offer numerous benefits for products, such as protecting them more effectively during storage and transit. The following are some of the main ways product protection packaging and automation can improve your operations.

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Packaging Sizing & Protection

When packaging materials are too big for the products contained, the contents shift around inside, increasing the likelihood of damage when traveling along the supply chain. If the product is under-packaged, there is an increased risk of damage through crushing and altering the overall look and quality of the product before it gets to market.

The right amount of packaging hinges on several factors, including product fragility, dimensions, and weight. An automation packaging expert will analyze your product and recommend a cost-effective, structurally sound packaging design that contains your product in appropriately sized packaging. They can also then marry your new packaging design to the correct automated equipment to craft a total packaging solution that reduces labor costs while guaranteeing product protection and quality.

Package Consistency

Manual packaging can lead to inconsistencies. Workers might not make the right packaging selections or otherwise inadequately package products. Automation will simplify the process and keep packaging more consistent across the production line.

Using automated machines, your products will benefit from reduced damage and packaging waste along with improved overall quality control. As a result, your customers will receive high-quality products, contributing to a positive brand experience and helping you attract and retain more customers.

Load Containment

Proper load containment is crucial before shipping products. Loose pallet wraps could cause the load to tip or move around in vehicles, potentially causing damage to its contents. Some customers will reject the entire contents of a truck’s load at their receiving door if they see visible damage from improper load containment during a sight inspection.

To facilitate proper load containment and keep products protected during transport, use automated solutions that correctly and securely load your packages. Automated stretch wrap machines can surround and protect product packages on a pallet through a tight wrapping pattern that prevents separation at any point throughout shipping. Look for a machine that’s capable of wrapping small to large items, which will keep packages of all sizes consistently protected and streamline packing operations.

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Finding and working with a packaging and automation expert who strives to understand your business will result in a number of bottom-line benefits. An expert that can implement a more effective packaged and protected product strategy could result in more products per master case, which could correlate to larger shipments using the same amount of space today. In turn, you can scale your business more effectively as you deal with increasing demand, helping you maintain efficient operations and save money. Complementing an effective packaging design with equipment automation will also maximize your productivity, allowing you to package products at a faster rate and free up your labor force for other tasks.

Standardizing the entire packaging process (design and automation) will ultimately keep products safer from potential damage during shipping. The key is finding the best solutions based on your unique application requirements.

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we carry a wide range of packaging equipment to help automate production facilities and packaging processes. Our packaging automation solutions include:

  • Horizontal flow wrappers
  • Vertical form, fill, and seal machines
  • Case erectors
  • Case sealers
  • Tray formers
  • Rotary case settling conveyors
  • Shrink equipment, shrink applicators, and shrink sleeves
  • Label applicators
  • And much more

Regardless of what you require for your facility, we’ll help you find and implement the right selections for your operations. Contact us today to discuss the ideal solution for your needs.


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