Designed and Customized by You
Design your own Treston workstation and view it in 3D now! A workstation designed by you, for you.

The Treston 3D Configurator can be used to design an industrial pack table or technical workstation that best meets your needs. Start by choosing your frame and size, then your work surface, then any upright modules and then choose from a vast number of accessories for your unique needs. The configurations are unlimited!

To get started, click on the 3D Configurator link; using the software is free of charge.


With this software, the workstation you design is set up on the screen according to your choices and it can be easily viewed from different directions. This makes figuring out the proportions of the workstation easier. When the design is complete, you can email the image and list of products in PDF format to yourself. You can also send a request for quote for the workstation you designed.