Double Coated Tape

Double Coated Tapes

Double coated tapes can be used in carpet installation/convention, mounting, fastening, bonding, laminating, containment (painting and restoration), splicing/tabbing, and high temperature/low temperature applications.

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we supply double coated tapes for many industries where double coated tapes are the most efficient way to replace metal fasteners or to hold, bond, mount or splice. Type of double coated tapes include:

  • Foam Tape
  • Paper
  • PVC Film
  • Polyester Film
  • Polyethylene Film
  • Tissue/Non-Woven
  • Cloth
  • Transfer Adhesives
  • Permanent or Removable
  • Extended Liner
  • Die cut or kiss cut on rolls or pieces


  • Splicing paper, films and fabrics
  • Permanent mounting of dispensers for towels, soap, etc.
  • Joining low surface energy materials to difficult to stick to surfaces
  • Sealing polybags
  • Emblem and plaque/trophy mounting
  • Cloth for carpet installation/laydown/convention
  • Mounting decorative trims, extrusions and profiles
  • Golf Grip

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If you need double coated tapes or would like to learn how double coated tapes can improve your manufacturing and assembly process, then contact us at 800.543.4930. One of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you optimize your company’s manufacturing and assembly process.