Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

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Protective Packaging

Protective packaging ensures products remain intact and protected during the shipping process. With a comprehensive offering of packaging materials, TPC Packaging Solutions will help you determine the most effective way to protect your products during shipping to prevent damage and returns. Our protective packaging solutions for void fill, bracing and protecting include products ranging from packaging peanuts to customized foam, honeycomb, die-cuts, and various on-demand systems.

Protective Packaging Products 

During transport, packages are subject to dropping, rough handling, and jostling. Protective packaging is specifically designed to shield items from damage.  We offer the following protective packaging products to help mitigate these concerns.

Air Pillows

Air pillow packaging offers instant cushioning solutions for various industries and helps solve packaging challenges faced by e-commerce centers by providing on-demand production. They stabilize products, save on freight, present a professional appearance, and are reusable and recyclable, making them a responsible choice for packaging facilities.


Inflatable packaging, also known as Bubble-On-Demand, is a form of bubble wrap that is inflated when needed, saving space in warehouses and distribution centers. It is space-saving, efficient, waste-reducing, and offers effective protection. The rolls come in various perforated lengths, making it easy to use the exact amount needed without waste, and one person can operate the machine.

Packaging Foam

Packaging foam is a protective packaging category with a wide variety of shapes and forms to fit specific items. It offers better protection than packing peanuts and can be shaped, cut, and wrapped individually to fit the product. Because packaging foam tends to be much larger and denser than packing peanuts, items are better protected with packaging foam.

Packaging foam possesses the following properties:

  • No definitive shape
  • Diverse in makeup, rarely one standard material
  • Can be wrapped individually to fit the item
  • Measured by firmness

Popular styles of packaging foam include sheets, foam rolls, sponge rolls, and egg crates. 

Void Fill

Void fill uses paper, packing peanuts, or air pillows to fill empty space in a box to keep the product from moving around during transit. It is perfect for packaging sharp products, creating smaller voids, or promoting an environmentally-friendly image. 


Protective mailers are envelopes that contain bubble packaging inside of them to reduce damage. They come in many different sizes, with the option of eco-friendly packaging. 


Made of polyethylene film, polypropylene film, or a blend of the two, polybags are used for packaging products such as clothing, blankets, pillows, magazines, mail, and other consumer goods. Polybags are an excellent alternative to corrugated boxes.

Shrink Film

Shrink wrap, also known as shrink film, is a versatile polymer material used for packaging finished goods. It shrinks tightly around an item by applying heat from a conveyor heat tunnel or heat gun, providing a clear and durable barrier for protection.

Corner Boards

Corner boards, or Angleboard® corner boards by Signode, are rigid angles used to reinforce and protect edges on boxes, containers, and stacked packages. They reinforce interior corners and defend against the friction and stress from restraints and straps.

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are heavy-duty sheets of paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, or plastic used as a support for palletized material during shipping to prevent damage. They are placed between the pallet and the material during storage, handling, and shipping.

Cold Seal/Cohesive Packaging

Cold-seal packaging is a complex process that involves combining two films, one with brand graphics and one with a barrier to protect the product. The films are laminated into a single web, then the cold seal is applied on the inside of the web in a pattern aligned with the graphics on the outside.


Honeycomb packaging is created by connecting kraft paper bands into hexagonal cells that provide strength and stability. The cells are covered with similar materials on both sides, resulting in a strong and protective packaging solution. It cushions and absorbs shock during transit, minimizing damage and ensuring the safe delivery of goods.

Single-faced Corrugated

Single-faced corrugated consists of two paper layers: an outer lining and fluting. It is flexible, sold in rolls or cut to size, and used as inner packaging to protect individual products. It is eco-friendly, made from a renewable resource, and 100% recyclable, serving as an alternative to bubble wrap or polystyrene loose fill.

Foam-in-Place Systems

Foam-in-place packaging offers a tailored cushioning solution for products. The process involves injecting chemicals into a high-density polyethylene bag that, when mixed, expand to fill the outer container and mold around the item being packaged. This versatility makes it a highly effective method of protective packaging.

Choose the Right Protective Packaging Partner

If you want to ensure your products are well-protected, reach out to TPC at 800.543.4930. Our team of experts will help you optimize your packaging process. We can visit your facility, evaluate your current packing process, and provide recommendations for improvement. At TPC, our goal is to find the best protective packaging solution for your business. Get in touch with us today!

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