Concrete Underlayment

Concrete Underlayment

rFOIL 4320 Standard Concrete Underpad is an outstanding reflective insulation and puncture-resistant vapor barrier.

rFOIL 4320 consists of a double layer of polyethylene bubble sandwiched between an aluminum surface and a clear polyethylene sheet. It is ideal for many under-slab insulation applications because a protective film is applied to the aluminum surface virtually eliminating the risk of corrosion.

Using rFOIL 4320 Standard Concrete Underpad in your construction project can improve the efficiency of radiant heating systems and significantly decrease heat loss to the ground below when properly installed with the clear side facing upwards.

rFOIL 4320 Standard Concrete Underpad provides exceptional thermal value and a strong, permanent vapor and radon barrier.

Use rFOIL 4320 Standard Concrete Underpad as a cost-effective alternative to rigid foam insulation.

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