Shipping & Receiving

Choose TPC To Optimize Your Shipping & Receiving Solutions

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we have spent over 50 years in the shipping and receiving industry. Our product line includes a vast range of products used in shipping and receiving. We supply products and solutions to manufacturers nationwide in virtually every industry. Through strong relationships with manufacturers including Sigma Stretch Film, Berry Films, Paragon Films, Intertape, Pregis and Polyair, we can optimize your facility to its fullest potential.

When it comes to Shipping & Receiving, TPC offers products in many areas.

Signature-Summit-TaperCarton Sealing Tape

  • Strapping Tape
  • Printed Tape
  • Polypropylene and PVC Carton Sealing Tape
  • Reinforced Strapping Tape
  • Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape
  • Water Activated Gummed Tape

SequentialBarCoding46Labels & Applicators/ Marking & Coding

  • Custom Printed Labels
  • Integrated Labels
  • Hand Applicators
  • Table Top & Inline Printers & Applicators
  • Thermal Transfer Labels & Ribbons
  • Direct Thermal Labels
  • Packing List Envelopes (for holding documents, warranties, ingredients, other)

Excel-1622MK-L-sealer-and-tunnel-comboPackaging Equipment

Packaging Materials

  • Mailers
  • Stretch Film
  • Plastic Banding
  • Shrink Film & Equipment
  • Polybags
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Pallet Wrap
  • Paper (for void fill and protection)
  • Air Pillows (for void fill and protection)
  • Foam & Bubble (for void fill and protection)
  • Shock Watch – damage indicators
  • Heat Guns & Glue
  • Top Sheets
  • Chipboard
  • Corner Boards/Protectors


Sharpie-King-Size-markerKnives & Box Cutters


Large Rubber Bands/Sanstraps


General Packaging Solutions

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