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Banding machines, also referred to as strapping machines, are used within packing processes to save time, energy, and excess materials. They function semi or fully automatically, without the need for manual strapping tools such as tensioners, cutters, or combination tools. Banding machines give total control over the strapping process to the operator, who can set the tension and strap strength.

Types of Banding / Strapping Machines

TPC Packaging Solutions carries a wide variety of banding machine types to meet the needs of nearly any packaging application and budget, making them easy to integrate into your packaging line. Our equipment provides reliable solutions for diverse and demanding industries. The following are some of our most widely used strapping machine varieties.

Semi-Automatic Tabletop Banders

Tabletop banders provide great versatility for working with products of multiple sizes and weights. They are run by an operator, who will take a loose end of strap that the machine feeds out and wraps it around the product. The strap is then inserted back into the machine for it to be tensioned and sealed. This type of machine is a cost-effective way for businesses to unitize their products when they have highly variable product sizes and/or package volumes that don’t justify the cost of an automatic arch bander.

Automatic Arch Banders

Arch banders are fast and less reliant on operators than other types of strapping machines. They work by sending one or more straps in an arch around a product and banding it. Typically, after a product is positioned in the machine, an operator is required to press a pedal, bar or button to begin the banding process. When choosing an automatic arch bander, it is essential to know the maximum product size in order to be certain it will fit within the arch.

Fully Automatic In-Line Arch Banders

Fully automatic banders are able to detect packages from conveyor lines through a photo-cell and automatically trigger the strapping operation. They do not require an operator and feature fairly high maximum outputs, such as 60 bands per minute and higher for certain machines. This type of equipment is more costly than other banding solutions and ideally suited for high-volume production environments.

Side Seal Banders

Side seal banders can be used as a stand-alone unit or on an in-line conveyor system. Moisture and debris are kept away from products, since this machine features a protective side-mounted strapping head. Side seal banders work with an operator who positions the package and then activates the banding process, either manually or by footswitch.

Stainless Steel Banders

Stainless steel banders are ideal for products exposed to indoor wash down or outdoor conditions. They are well suited to environments where humidity, moisture, or chemical exposure would cause standard steel to rust. These types of banding machines deliver high tension to securely package heavy and challenging materials.

Paper & Film Banding Machines

These types of machines perform banding processes delicately, without causing any damage to printed materials. They eliminate the need for other types of packaging, such as cartons or shrink film. Many industries rely on these machines to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Portable Banding Tools

Many portable banding tools are lightweight, handheld devices ideal for banding smaller items such as mail or papers and work well on round or oblong objects. Typically, they function by looping a strap around a bundle of products and then tightening, sealing, and cutting the strap.

Plastic and Steel Banding

There are several types of strapping to choose from for banding applications. When selecting a strap, it’s important to consider the product’s weight and load type, the weather conditions to which it will be exposed, and the type of banding machine with which it will be used. Common materials include:

  • Polypropylene
  • Spun or extruded polyester
  • Metal

Metal straps, such as those made from steel, are strong and inflexible. This makes them particularly well suited to heavy loads or products with rigid, sharp edges. Plastic tapes are available in several types and feature various characteristics. They tend to be more economical and also work well in a variety of environments.

Banding Machines at TPC Packaging Solutions

Whatever your application, TPC Packaging Solutions has a banding machine that can optimize your packaging process. We can help you identify the best type of machine for your work environment and budget. Our extensive selection of banding solutions meets the needs of many applications, including:

  • Bundling and carton closing and reinforcement
  • General production and logistics applications
  • Food processing
  • Magazine publishing and newspaper printing
  • Lumber

To learn more about the banding machines we offer, browse our catalog here. To have one of our experts identify the best type of machine for your application, contact us today.

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