Contract Packaging Solutions

Contract packaging is a process where packaging is manufactured and assembled to provide a ready-for-retail solution for manufacturers. A contract packaging organization (CPO) is responsible for designing and manufacturing reliable and presentable product packaging as an extension of the manufacturer. TPC Packaging Solutions has been providing packaging and conversion solutions since 1967, offering a range of contract packaging services to meet your needs and provide turnkey solutions.

What Is Contract Packaging?

The contract packaging process is when a manufacturer contracts a company to package its products for delivery and retail. Contract packaging companies, sometimes called co-packaging or co-packing companies, provide packaging, storage, and distribution of a client company’s products. Packaging can consist of simple designs like clamshells to complicated packaging solutions to ship and display the product, depending on the client’s specifications. In the contract packaging industry, there is no standardized process. Instead, co-packaging companies rely on a custom approach to deliver a tailored solution for each client.

Types of Contract Packaging

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we offer solutions for several types of contract packaging applications, including the following:

  • Versatile Packaging Solutions: Contract packaging offers a diverse range of automated solutions that can be applied to multiple applications.
  • Labeling Services: This service is typically part of the shipping process that assists in inventory control with labels for barcoding or RFID tagging products in packaging or shipping containers.
  • Packaging Design: We design packaging to the client’s size specifications to protect the product and facilitate brand promotion on the packaging with the client’s logo, branding, and desired graphics.
  • Packaging Testing: We test the packaging to ensure the product will reach its destination in good condition. We measure the quality of the packaging and the efficiency of production in-house.
  • Product Packaging: Product packaging is the packaging of a manufacturer’s goods, including shrink wrapping, clamshell packaging, blister packing, and film wrapping.
  • Shipping Services: We can deliver the packaged and labeled product to its destination depending on the client’s requirements. This process can be handled by the manufacturer or a contract packaging partner to provide a turnkey solution.

Types of Contract Packaging Equipment

We rely on a range of contract packaging equipment to fulfill each customer’s needs. Our contract packaging facility uses machinery, including automated machines, to reduce turn-around times and produce packaging solutions faster. For example, we can bottle liquids efficiently on an automated bottling line. Our facility can also package seeds and dry powdered products using a line of auger-filling machines.

The machinery used for a contract packaging project depends on the client’s needs, such as a heat tunnel for shrink-wrapping a product or a thermoforming machine for blister-type packaging. Other clients may require stand-up sachet filling, clamshells, and sealed tray solutions.

Benefits of Contract Packaging

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we deliver the following benefits to our clients through our contract packaging services:

  • An ideal option for short-term projects and seasonal packaging needs
  • Guaranteed sustainability
  • Improved return on a smaller investment
  • Increased flexibility
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Quick output
  • Lower in-house labor requirements

Why Choose TPC Packaging Solutions for Contract Packaging

The contract packaging process removes the burden of packaging, labeling, and shipping from the manufacturer’s hands, allowing them to focus on more pressing areas of their business. A contract packaging company brings its experience and in-house capabilities to the manufacturer to ensure the products are packaged, labeled, and shipped efficiently to their destination. Manufacturers can choose a single service from us or a comprehensive turnkey solution.

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we rely on our vast professional knowledge in the packaging process, including maintenance, repair, assembly, and protection to deliver solutions to our clients for organizing and maintaining their inventory. We attend trade shows worldwide to identify and embrace the latest trends and packaging technology to innovate and deliver superior solutions to our partners. Contact us to learn more about our contract packaging solutions.