Wexxar Bel Case Erectors, Formers, Sealers

Wexxar Bel Case Erectors, Formers, Sealers

Since 1967, TPC Packaging Solutions has been providing a broad range of industries with the highest quality packaging equipment and supplies. As part of our extensive catalog, we offer a range of advanced Wexxar Bel products, including fully automatic and semi-automatic case erectors, tray formers, and case sealers.

Wexxar Case Erectors & Tray Formers

We offer the following types of Wexxar case erectors and formers:

Fully Automatic Case Erectors & Formers

Case Erectors

Wexxar case erectors have become the standard for customers who require superior quality output with maximum up-time. Utilizing the patented Pin & Dome system, fully automatic Wexxar case erectors exhibit exceptional performance and reliability when opening and forming cases.

Compared to conventional methods of case opening that rely on suction cups to grab case panels, Pin & Dome technology can control the case with its flutes, overcoming environmental factors and irregular glue joints. This equipment provides significant savings in energy and maintenance, as air is not continuously required for holding cases.

Tray Formers

Wexxar Bel automated tray formers meet the demands of a broad range of industries, eliminating the need for manual operations and creating superior production throughput. They can perform a variety of forming, sealing, stacking, and feeding operations, as well as tray folding and gluing.

Automatic & Semi-Automatic Case Sealers and Semi-Automatic Case Formers

Wexxar Bel automatic and semi-automatic case sealers are designed to reduce labor demands and offer higher product rates than manual case packing lines. Wexxar Bel case formers hold the case firmly in place, allowing the operator to use both hands to ergonomically and quickly pack the case. When combined with a case sealer, you can significantly increase the speed at which a product gets packed and sealed, creating a precise and efficient flow for forming cases.

Wexxar Bel Case Erectors & Formers at TPC Packaging


  • WF20 Fully Automatic Case Formers & Case Erectors: These fully automatic machines offer speeds up to 20 cases per minute (CPM), offering a tilt-out tape head and toolless changeover.
  • WF30 Fully Automatic Case Formers & Case Erectors: The WF30 utilizes reliable Pin & Dome technology and can reach speeds up to 30 CPM while reducing the impact on cases.
  • Wexxar Bel DELTA 1: The flagship DELTA 1 case former offers continuous ergonomic loading with unprecedented uptime and availability. It uses a patent-pending Modular Expandable Magazine (MXM) System and can achieve speeds up to 36 CPM.


  • BEL 505G3 Semi-Automatic Case Formers & Case Erectors: This semi-automatic multi-station case former can improve ergonomics and case packing efficiency for manual case forming operations. It can reach speeds up to 15 CPM. It features forming plates and hold down rollers that secure the case, freeing up both hands to pack cases from all sides of the machine. It also allows for fast adjustments without tools.
  • BEL 505G4 Semi-Automatic Case Formers & Case Erectors: The 505G4 offers easier maintenance, less wear on parts, and non-contact sensors for a higher precision fold. It can reach speeds up to 15 CPM and features improved electronic folding control, making it a good fit for recycled corrugate.
  • BEL 505 Semi-Automatic Case Formers & Case Erectors: The BEL 505 is easy to maintain and operate and is the ideal fit for low to mid-volume applications requiring an entry-level machine capable of achieving speeds up to 15 CPM. It can accommodate multiple case sizes and types with several custom options.

Wexxar Case Sealers

Wexxar case sealers feature higher throughput for greater ease of use, efficiency, and maintenance. The semi-automatic and fully automatic case sealers offer a space-saving design and can handle a diverse range of industry demands.

Wexxar Bel case sealers offer an ideal solution for packaging lines that don’t warrant full automation due to:

  • Limited technical staff
  • Limited floor space
  • Low volume
  • Limited resources
  • Frequently changing pack configurations and case sizes
  • Manual product inspection

Wexxar Bel Case Sealers at TPC Packaging

Fully Automatic


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