To make operations more environmentally friendly, many manufacturers are shifting towards sustainable packaging for their products. Sustainable packaging is a type of packaging that uses eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental impact. Sustainability refers to the packaging material’s recyclability, reusability, degradability, compostability, and bio-assimilation properties. This type of packaging must be as reliable and effective as less sustainable options.

Sustainable packaging offers benefits for both the environment and manufacturers, including a reduced carbon footprint, more storage space, the elimination of allergens and toxins, reduced resource consumption, cost savings, and increased profits. All of these advantages emphasize how important it is to find the right sustainable packaging solution.

TPC Packaging Solutions offers a variety of sustainable packaging options made of high-quality, eco-friendly packaging materials.

Sustainable Packaging Types & Brands

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we diversify our portfolio with eco-conscious, biodegradable, and bio-assimilation packing solutions so that our customers can always find the best fit for their products. We are proud to partner with the following sustainable packaging companies to offer the best eco-friendly packaging solutions to our customers.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products: Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)

TPC Packaging carries IPG’s sustainable packaging line of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products. The circular design philosophy dates back to the 1990s, and today products with certification must pass five performance criteria: social fairness, material reuse, material health, water stewardship, and carbon management and renewable energy. Each product gets an achievement level—Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum—for its performance in each category.

Curby Mailers

Curby Mailers are Certified Silver mailing products made from recycled and recyclable paper, with cushioning honeycomb liners. These mailers can replace and protect better than traditional polybubble mailers.

Curby Fragile Wrap

Also Certified Silver, Curby Fragile Wrap utilizes a patent-pending honeycomb cushion made by die cutting paper from a roll. The wrap provides sufficient padding for electronics, glassware, and other fragile items.

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

This sealing tape is Certified Bronze by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape

IPG’s Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape is Certified Bronze by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Exlfilmplus® Shrink Film

Exlfilmplus® is the world’s first Certified Silver shrink film. This crosslinked film is stronger and more versatile than traditional shrink films, so customers can use it on a more diverse selection of equipment and sealing applications.

Protective Packaging & Void Fill: Seaman Paper

Seaman Paper’s void fill packaging products are lightweight, decorative materials that are 100% curbside recyclable. Products include Vela transport bags, SpiroPack, SatinWrap 100, and FanFold. These paper materials are made of recycled paper and customizable for branding purposes. Seaman Paper products have certifications from:

  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
  • Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA)
  • Green Seal Standard for Sanitary Paper
  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000

Water-Activated/Gummed Paper Tape: Holland Manufacturing and Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)

For carton closures, we offer paper tapes by Holland Manufacturing and IPG. These water-activated tape products offer several benefits, including a tamper-evident design, durability, high strength, and environmental friendliness. Browse our other tape solutions here.

Carton Sealing Tape: tesa®

Sustainable packaging tapes by tesa® are environmentally friendly solutions that offer reliable adhesion. Here are the types of tesa® tapes we carry:

  • tesa® 4713: This general-purpose carton sealing tape features a solvent-free natural rubber adhesive and a crepe paper backing, which is made from FSC®-certified forests and other responsibly controlled sources.
  • tesa® 60013: This is a high-adhesion tape with a solvent-free synthetic rubber adhesive, silicone release coating, and a fiberglass-reinforced paper backing that is FSC®-certified and 100% PEFC-certified. The tape is suitable for sealing heavy-weight carton packages and can provide a tamper-evident seal.
  • tesa® 4313 PV10: Made of a solvent-free synthetic rubber adhesive system and silicone-free release coating, this premium tape has a paper backing sourced from FSC®-certified forests. The synthetic rubber adhesive offers excellent adhesion for light- and medium-weight packages. Suitable for manual or automated dispensing, the tape is also printable, enabling additional branding.
  • tesa® 60400: This bio-based packaging tape features a backing material made of polylactide acid (PLA), which is a fully renewable resource derived from corn starch, sugarcane, and tapioca. With a natural rubber adhesive, tesa® 60400 contains 98% bio-carbon content, drastically reducing carbon footprint. Ideal for sealing medium-weight cartons, this tape also has prestigious certifications from TÜV AUSTRIA and DIN-CERTCO.

Stretch Film: VANISH and ENDURE by Sigma Stretch Film

The Sigma VANISH by Sigma Stretch Film is a sustainable film that bio-assimilates after a service life of two years. The material completely breaks down to its base elements and serves as a food source for certain microorganisms, leaving behind zero plastics or toxins. The VANISH film uses the Eclipse Technology produced by Smart Plastics, and it is available in hand and machine films. Sigma ENDURE is a general purpose hand film made from 25% PCR (post consumer recyclate), up to 50% repurposed material and 25% virgin raw material. Visit our stretch films/shrink wrap page to learn more.

Recyclable Cold Chain Packaging: Nordic Ice and Chill-R

Nordic Ice’s cold chain solutions provide sustainable packaging for use in the cold chain market, such as recyclable packagingfor gel packs. This food-safe packaging reduces waste by eliminating the need for additional barriers between gel packs and food products.

Chill-R is a patented paper insulation designed to provide temperature control for sensitive medications and perishable deliveries. The kraft paper and corrugated material are completely recyclable and have a proven R-value to insulate products in overnight or two-day shipments. Chill-R is available in one- or two-piece inserts, as well as cotton inserts and mailers. Read more about our cold chain solutions by visiting our cold chain/temperature-controlled packaging page.

Recyclable Mailers: PAC Worldwide

We also offer sustainable shipping packaging products by PAC Worldwide. Their Ecojacket™ mailers feature a recyclable natural kraft paper construction. The bond between the interior and exterior paper provides sufficient cushioning protection, while the side seals and bottom fold provide optimal bursting strength. Learn more about our mailer products here.

Cushioning & Padding Materials: Storopack

Storopack’s line of eco-friendly padding and cushioning products are made of raw materials like corn-derived polylactic acid, grass fibers, and vegetable starch. These sustainable packaging products include:

  • PAPERplus® Paper Cushioning
  • PAPERplus® Classic Grass
  • AIRplus® Bio
  • PAD LOC® Renature
  • FOAMplus® 5504RC

Learn more about our protective packaging solutions.

Why Switch to Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging helps companies maintain efficient and profitable operations, positively impact the environment, and improve reputations through sustainable practices. 

Specific benefits of using sustainable packaging materials include:

  • A significantly reduced carbon footprint, or greenhouse gases that are released into the environment
  • The elimination of toxins and allergens found in traditional packaging materials
  • The ability to make environmental responsibility a part of brand message
  • Lower consumption of energy to make and dispose of biodegradable packaging materials
  • Lower shipping costs due to lightweight sustainable packaging
  • An expanded customer base that includes environmentally-conscious consumers

Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging at TPC Packaging Solutions

If you’re looking for ways to make your business more eco-friendly, finding sustainable packaging solutions is the first step. TPC Packaging Solutions offers a diverse array of sustainable packaging solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements. We continually work to meet the increased demand for eco-friendly packaging.

As part of our eco solutions, TPC offers a Paragon Client Analysis Tool that compares the customer’s current application, including equipment, equipment settings, and film used, and compares to our proposed film and machine settings to provide potential film savings and environmental impact. You can find an example of a report generated by this tool in the below PDF: 

Paragon Client Analysis Tool 

Variable information collected or needed includes pallet dimensions, equipment and settings, loads wrapped per day, wrap configuration or revolutions per wrap, and current film used.

Working with our experts will give your business a strategic advantage for your next packaging application. We formulate new ideas to facilitate innovation, and we are committed to building strong relationships with our manufacturing partners and client base. For every project, we deliver specialized solutions for our customers. Learn more about what sets us apart.

For more information about our sustainable packaging solutions and other services, contact us today.