Automated packaging plays a crucial role in e-commerce transactions, providing suppliers with a viable alternative to traditional packaging methods while offering a broad range of benefits. At TPC Packaging Solutions, our expert team is backed by packaging experience dating back to 1967, and we stay up to date on industry trends to introduce new ways that our customers can incorporate innovative automation solutions into their operations.

We’re committed to promoting efficiency and quality in your packaging line while helping you eliminate system bottlenecks and costly downtime. Learn more about automated packaging systems, why they’re beneficial, and the versatile e-commerce packaging solutions we supply at TPC to help your products arrive intact and on time.

Why Demand Has Grown for Automated Packaging Systems

No matter the industry, keeping up with demand in order fulfillment can prove challenging. Many companies are looking for additional help but struggling to find new employees to sustain their workforce and operations. These difficulties are especially apparent in e-commerce packaging and fulfillment, given the continued growth of the online shopping market and consumers’ expectations for faster shipping and shorter order turn times.

In the packaging industry, automation is increasingly becoming the answer to these challenges across the globe. In their 2020 article “Automated Packaging Systems: Next Revolution in E-commerce,” FutureBridge estimated that the e-commerce packaging market for automated systems would increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 15% by 2025, reaching 2,400 semi- and fully automated units in those five years. In Global Market Estimates’ 2021 market research report, they predicted that the automated packaging market’s CAGR value for e-commerce would increase by approximately 10% between then and 2026.

To streamline processes and boost capacity and output when human labor isn’t sufficient while maintaining quality and lowering costs, businesses can incorporate semi- or fully automated equipment and robotics. Such automation solutions can efficiently and effectively place and package products in boxes, containers, and pouches by weight and product type without the risk of human error while reducing product damage. This equipment is compatible with materials such as tape, bubble wrap, air pillows, packing paper, shrink wrap, and corrugated slip sheets, which are all necessary in the e-commerce packaging process.

Benefits of Automated Packaging for E-Commerce


Online retailers are incorporating automation for the range of advantages and the competitive edge it can provide their business. Automation streamlines packaging tasks for greater efficiency and time savings, enhances quality and consistency through the precision of robotics, and provides a cost-effective solution to achieve production goals.


Automated equipment doesn’t require breaks, vacations, or sick days, allowing for levels of productivity that human workers alone can’t achieve. Increased output equates to higher revenue, all while lowering labor costs. In addition to not needing to hire more staff, automation gives you the opportunity to reallocate workers to more important projects, helping with labor shortages in other areas of your business.


Safety is another area in which automation excels. Automated systems can take over repetitive, strenuous, or even hazardous tasks from human workers. Not only does this reduce worker injury, but it often increases employee job satisfaction. Depending on the needs of your facility and the size of your company, you can utilize anything from a single automation solution or piece of semi-automated equipment to a fully automated, turn-key packaging line to help increase the speed of order fulfillment.


Such solutions also grant you enhanced access to real-time data for more accurate tracking, reporting, and overall transparency. Internet of Things (IoT) technology can facilitate inventory management and allow intercommunication between systems. Automation even offers solutions for companies with sustainability goals. The accuracy and consistency of automated packaging processes mean that they generate minimal material waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

E-Commerce Automated Packaging Solutions

Automated packaging enhances packaging efficiency and speed without sacrificing quality and accuracy. You’ll increase your output and have the capacity to handle higher volumes while saving on time and labor expenses. To meet a variety of specific needs, however, TPC offers numerous e-commerce automated packaging solutions.

Case Erectors

A case erector uses automation to form, fold, and assemble flat, corrugated blanks into cardboard boxes. The resulting boxes are repeatable and consistent so that they come off the erectors ready to fill. Some case erectors are also capable of assembling recycled boxes.

Case Sealers

As the name suggests, a case sealer applies an adhesive to effectively seal corrugated boxes. Common adhesives include water-activated or pressure-sensitive tapes, lending this equipment an alternate name of box taper.

Void Fill Systems

Void fill provides product protection in shipping packages, bracing items within a box to safeguard them against vibrations and damage. Automated void fill systems can add styrofoam- or EPS-based fills like bubble wrap, air cushions, or more sustainable options like biodegradable paper void fill around products in boxes or containers.


Industrial robots incorporate automation to carry out pick-and-place, part transfer, and palletizing applications for effective material handling, shipping prep, and component storage. If you’re looking to balance human workers with robotics, collaborative robots, or “cobots”, can perform similar functions within a robotic work cell while employees work alongside it, enhancing productivity while ensuring safe operations.

Label Applicators

Significantly improving efficiency over hand application processes, product label applicators provide versatility in automated packaging, simplifying label application on product surfaces. TPC offers standard and customized options for primary product, case, and pallet labeling. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Print-and-apply labeling
  • Top and bottom product labeling
  • Wrap around product labeling
  • Clamshell labeling
  • Multi-panel labeling
  • Corner wrap
  • High-speed applicators

Other Services: Consulting & Testing

At TPC, we’ve helped many e-commerce companies improve operations with automated packaging equipment. Our dedicated equipment team will work with you to gain an understanding of your current processes and production goals so that we can help you find the ideal solution for your unique needs. The consultation and testing process with our equipment technicians will typically include:

  • Discussions directly with your facility employees to better understand pain points
  • Analyzation of your existing packaging in TPC’s packaging lab to identify any deficiencies through vibration and drop tests, film gauge assessments, and more
  • Evaluations of current stretch wrapping processes to establish a baseline for equipment settings, film usage, and operational efficiencies
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to help you visualize your automation upgrade
  • Explanations of any floorplan changes and workflow updates prior to system implementation
  • ROI statement to give you a clear picture of how quickly your automation equipment will pay for itself
  • In-person or virtual equipment demonstrations and training

After installation, we continue to support you with our service network of manufacturer-trained professionals to assist with maintenance, repairs, and downtime prevention.

Learn More About Automated Packaging for E-Commerce

Since 1967, TPC has been committed to offering our customers optimized, innovative packaging solutions and conversion services that meet the demands of diverse industries like e-commerce packaging, manufacturing and assembly, building and construction, and food and beverage. We understand that no two operations are the same, and so our knowledgeable team will communicate directly with you to understand your unique challenges and provide the ideal automation solutions. Drawing on our extensive manufacturer relationships, we work with suppliers like 3M, Wexxar Bel, Intertape, Texwrap, and many more to match you with the equipment you need.

Contact us today to learn more about the quality products we offer and let our experienced team show you how automated packaging equipment can provide an array of advantages for your business.