Strapping Tapes

Strapping tape

Strapping tapes are commonly used for L-Clip applications, bundling and unitizing packages and pipes.

Strapping tapes are available in reinforced filament tapes and tensilized polypropylene tapes.

Reinforced filament tapes are available in different grades with tensile strengths that range from 100# up to 350# plus.

Tensilized polypropylene strapping tapes are available in colors and tensile strengths that range from 90# tensile up to 350# tensile, along with non-staining and clean removal adhesives for specialty or critical applications.


  • Bundle packages for shipment
  • Pallet unitization
  • Heavy duty box closure for heavier items
  • High temp splicing
  • L-Clip applications – reinforced filament tape and tensilized polypropylene can be used in L-Clip equipment or a revolutionary hand dispenser for portable/mobile packing stations
    Strapping tapes
  • Appliances – securing doors, shelves and cooktops to protect in transport
  • Injection Molding – for gap and hole covering; reinforcement during the foaming process
  • Steel coil tabbing

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