Reflective Insulation Products

Reflective Insulation Products

Optimize Energy Efficiency Through TPC’s Insulation Products

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we offer reflective insulation and related products to replace irritating fiberglass insulation. We believe the advantages of insulation shouldn’t begin and end after it’s installed. Ease of installation is just as important to us as offering the most energy efficient materials.

rFOIL insulation utilizes reflective technology which is made from metalized film and air bubbles. It is a CLASS 1/A fire rated patented product which blocks up to 96% of radiant heat transfer. rFOIL’s unique construction is specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain or loss in commercial and residential applications. The bubble core and the metalized film (outer layer) provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and thickness that outperforms other materials which rely on mass (thickness) for their thermal values and performance. A list of our most popular insulation products can be viewed below.

Metal Building Supplies

  • Banding and Tools
  • Embossed White Vinyl Tape
  • Expandable Joint Sealant
  • Polysheeting
  • Razorback Ridgevent
  • WMP (White Metalized Polyester tape)


We offer quality products from:

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Do you need any of these insulation products? Contact us at (800) 543-4930 and one of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you. Not only do we offer insulation products, we also provide optimized solutions to our partners.