At TPC Packaging Solutions, we have specialized in industrial packaging solutions for over 50 years. We are a nationwide distributor of tapes, packaging supplies, as well as packaging equipment and services. Our products and services help to improve and optimize packaging operations for customers across a wide range of industries, resulting in decreased operational costs and increased operational efficiency. Below, we highlight our packaging products and service offerings. 

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Our Packaging Products

Tapes & Packaging Products(Click to Expand)

We distribute a broad selection of packaging products to ensure packaged items remain safe and secure as they travel to their final destination. Our product offerings include: 

  • Tapes. We supply a wide variety of tapes, from masking, duct, and painter tapes to sheathing, strapping, and foam tapes from reputable manufacturers like Scapa, Berry Global, and Shurtape.
  • Banding. Strapping—also known as banding—is a suitable alternative to tapes for box sealing applications involving wet or cold environments, heavy goods, or unique box styles. It is also used for bundling, palletizing, and unitizing loads. 
  • Shrink Films and Wraps. Shrink film/wrap is thin polymer plastic material that shrinks when heat is applied. It is used to unitize objects and/or protect them from dust and moisture without damaging them or obscuring them from view. 
  • Labels and Applicators. Labels and applicators for marking and coding products are used to help prevent loss, damage, and mishandling of packaged products. We offer a variety of labels, dispensers, and applicators. 
  • Packaging. We offer a range of packaging materials and equipment, such as banding and banding equipment and tools, bubble and foam, mailers, chipboard, cornerboard, cord strapping and tools, stretch film and stretch film equipment, pallet bags and covers, and more. 
  • Polybags and Sheeting. These polyethylene or polypropylene bags protect products, such as food, powders, or chemicals, from dust, dirt, or moisture. Large bags can be used to protect entire pallets.
  • Tape Dispensers. Tape dispensers are used to manually apply tape to products and/or packaging cartons. 
  • Pack Stations. Design your own custom pack station with our 3D configurator software, provided to you free of charge.

Our Packaging Automation Solutions

For customers looking to reduce manual labor requirements, increase productivity, and improve workplace safety, our automation and robotics solutions are ideal. We offer various automated packaging equipment to suit different industries and applications, such as: 

  • Carton erectors
  • Cold seal packaging systems
  • Pick & Place case packaging systems
  • Palletizing systems
  • Workcells
  • Custom case sealers
  • Tray formers

Our Converting Services

Converting refers to the processes used to turn raw material—such as tape, foam, paper, and plastic film—into a usable part or product. Some of our core converting services include:

  • Die cutting. We use specialized cutting dies and presses to cut different shapes from flat sheet or roll material. 
  • Tape/label printing. We provide a range of tape and label printing capabilities, including flexographic printing for 1-3 colors, inkjet printing for large-scale single-color projects, thermal printing capabilities for short-term projects, and foil stamping for pearl, metallic, holographic, and other stamping and embossing materials. 
  • Slitting. We cut larger rolls into narrower and non-standard widths to facilitate handling and transport operations. 
  • Rewinding. We rewind materials and products around a spool to allow for continued operations and fewer roll changes in automated applications. 

We also provide precision cutting, adhesive laminating and coating, and a range of value-added services to further optimize packaging operations for our customers. 

Tapes & Packaging at TPC Packaging Solutions

Looking for an effective and efficient packaging solution? Turn to the experts at TPC Packaging Solutions! We provide packaging products and services that can help streamline nearly any packaging operation. To learn more about our packaging solution capabilities or discuss your requirements with one of our team members, contact us today.