Stretch Film

Stretch wrap, also known as pallet wrap or stretch film, is an LLDPE plastic film with high elastic recovery used to wrap and unitize pallets for load stability and protection. It can also be used to bundle smaller items tightly together. Unlike shrink film, stretch film does not require heat to fit tightly around an object. Instead, stretch film simply needs to be wrapped around the object either by hand or with a stretch wrap machine.

Whether you are using stretch film to secure loads or pallets for storage and/or shipment, to color code, or vented stretch film to allow items like produce and firewood to “breathe,” using the best stretch film product for your application can help you get your product to the destination intact. 

Types of Stretch Wrap

TPC Packaging offers a variety of stretch wrap products for your material handling needs.

Eco-Friendly Films

Sigma VANISH Bio-Assimilation Stretch Film

The first stretch film to be made using Smart Plastic’s Eclipse™ bio-assimilation technology, Sigma VANISH is engineered to completely bio-assimilate, leaving no trace of microplastics in the environment.

Sigma ENDURE Stretch Film is a general purpose hand film made from 25% PCR (post consumer recyclate), up to 50% repurposed material and 25% virgin raw material.

Machine Film

Machine film has a precise consistency and stretch in order to provide the optimum load retention  for use with stretch wrap machines to process goods at high volumes. Machine film is available in various gauges, transparent and colors.

Pre Stretch Film -High-Performance Cast or Blown Film

High-performance blown film and oriented cast film can be  pre-stretched, highly puncture-resistant, and ideal for hand wrapping due to the lightweight of the roll  

Banding Film

Banding film is ideal for unitizing, bundling, and stabilizing loads and has a narrow width for smaller packages or temporarily unitizing pallets. . It can be torn easily by the operator but maintains its tear-resistance enough to contain the load on the pallet.

One Sided Cling & Slip

One-sided cling and one side slip film helps prevent pallets from sticking together because only the inside of the film has a cling agent, while the outside does not. Allowing loads to slip instead of stick prevents tears that can cause unsafe or contaminated pallets.

UVI Film

UVI (ultraviolet inhibitor) film protects the film from UV damage for products stored in sunlight. Direct sunlight can degrade traditional film, reducing its strength and compromising the load. UVI film can withstand up to six to 12 months of UV exposure without breaking down.

Anti-Static Film

Anti-static films have an anti-static additive to dissipate static. They are ideal for packaging products that are prone to creating static or create sparks when the film rubs against other surfaces.

Printed Film

Printed film contains markings to identify products and protect them from tampering. 

VCI Film

VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) film has molecules that passivate metal surfaces, forming an oxidation-resistant barrier. The VCI compound can even reach recesses and crevices in the material surface. Metals like steel, iron, or others containing copper, magnesium, or zinc can benefit from the corrosion resistance VCI film provides.  The VCI compound required for protection is very specific to the surface and application.


How to Choose the Right Stretch Wrap

Choosing the ideal stretch wrap will ensure safe load containment during storage and shipping. Consider the needs of your application, such as the number of pallets or products you wrap daily. A hand stretch wrap is suitable for wrapping less than 50 pallets per day, while a machine wrap provides consistency and high strength for larger volumes. The application and environment can also determine the ideal wrap, such as combustible products that require anti-static film or metals that require corrosion-resistant VCI film.

Note that stretch wrap is different from shrink wrap. The two products are sometimes referred to interchangeably, but shrink wrap is a heat-activated wrap typically applied directly to a product.

TPC offers a Paragon Client Analysis Tool that compares the customer’s current application, including equipment, equipment settings, and film used, and compares them to our proposed film and machine settings to provide potential film savings and environmental impact. You can find an example of a report generated by this tool in the below PDF:

Paragon Client Analysis Report

Variable information collected or needed includes pallet dimensions, equipment and settings, loads wrapped per day, wrap configuration or revolutions per wrap, and current film used.

Types of Stretch Wrap Machines & Equipment

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

Semi-automatic stretch wrap machines wrap and secure pallets consistently with significantly less operator intervention than manual pallet wrapping. They alleviate worker fatigue when wrapping high volumes of pallets and increase wrapping efficiency. TPC Packaging Solutions offers semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines and models that allow onsite conversion to fully automatic machines.

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

Fully automatic stretch wrap machines are ideal for high-volume pallet wrapping with minimal operator intervention. We offer pallet wrapping machines optimized for your environment or application in rotary tower, rotary arm, or turntable types. Fully automatic stretch wrap machines offer higher speed and weight capacity than semi-automatic machines and can come with remote start, built-in scales, and roping bar features.

Fully Automatic Conveyorized In-Line Stretch Wrap Machines

Fully automatic conveyorized in-line stretch wrap machines use a conveyor to move pallets closer to the wrapper without any operator intervention. Our conveyorized pallet wrap machines can include gravity and powered conveyors and 90° turntable and transfer functions.

Our automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers include:

  • Turntable stretch wrappers
  • Rotary arm stretch wrappers
  • Horizontal stretch wrappers
  • Mobile wrappers

See all of TPC Packaging Solutions’ stretch wrap machine options.

Stretch Wrap Solutions at TPC

TPC Packaging Solutions offers various stretch wrap products for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic stretch wrapping applications. We have served clients in numerous industries for more than 50 years and have built strong relationships with our manufacturing partners. Our employees are knowledgeable and eager to deliver innovative solutions to meet your needs.

If you are interested in stretch film products, contact or call us at 800.543.4930. One of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you optimize your shipping and receiving process with the best stretch film.

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If you are interested in stretch film products, contact us at 800.543.4930. One of our TPC representatives will be happy to help you optimize your shipping and receiving process with the best stretch film.

Sigma Vanish Vanish Bio-Assimilation Stretch Film

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