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Combining Case Erectors and Case Sealers for Optimal Results

Manual end of line packaging can cause bottlenecks or inconsistent package quality. Automated carton erectors and sealers can streamline operations and improve quality. Here, we’ll look at the advantages of integrating packaging machines with turnkey case erector and sealer systems for efficient and reliable product protection.

Why Integrate End-of-Line Packaging Automation?

There are many reasons for manufacturers, contract packagers, retailers, and warehouse and fulfillment facilities to consider implementing new or reevaluating existing automated packaging equipment. The inherent repeatability of automation equipment is best for high volumes and low or limited variation applications.

Automation solutions address manual packaging challenges, such as:

  • Bottlenecks: Difficulty keeping up with output of the production line
  • Worker fatigue or injury: Often due to line speed, cuts, repetitive movements
  • Production volume changes: Impending increase, ability to ramp up at certain times
  • Poor or inconsistent package quality: Damaged or incorrectly assembled and sealed cartons, product damage, or frequent repacking needed

An automated system solves these issues and boosts productivity. User-friendly controls and turnkey integration improve employee buy-in to new systems and help them acclimate quickly. Computerized systems collect more data on throughput and consumables used (e.g., cartons, tape, glue) for close monitoring and cost analysis. Plus, automation provides opportunities for vision or other inspection systems for quality control.

The best automated packaging systems combine equipment for each operation in a process, such as erecting, filling, and sealing cases. Adding conveyance, PLC controllers, or inspection equipment further improves efficiency and quality. For example, in some applications, case-sealing machines can complete as many as 16,800 boxes over an eight-hour shift.

Case Erectors

A case erector, or case former, folds, forms, and assembles boxes and cartons from corrugated cardboard blanks. Cartons then advance to a filling or other staging area. This can be fully or semi-automated or customized for specialty applications. Case erectors are good for staying caught up, ramping up production, or getting ahead with cartons on hand.

Case erector machines offer these benefits:

  • Faster carton assembly
  • Higher output in the same or less time as manual assembly
  • Consistent assembly and fewer misfolded, misaligned, or wasted cartons
  • Little or no direct labor – reduce staffing needs or redeploy workers to higher level or more critical tasks
  • Reduces injury and fatigue due to repetitive motions
  • Save on labor, overtime, and packaging material costs

Case Erectors from TPC Packaging Solutions

TPC Packaging Solutions offers several automatic and semi-automatic case erectors. Boxes and cartons are assembled, secured on bottom flaps with tape or glue, and prepared for filling. They can be combined with case sealing and other equipment for an integrated system.

Our line of case erectors includes:

  • Wexxar Case Erector – Fully Automatic
  • Wexxar Case Erector – Semi-Automatic
  • DEKKA Heavy-Duty Automatic Case Erectors
  • SOCO Pack Case Erectors with F-100-P Packing Tables

Case Sealers

A case sealing machine is also called a box taper, carton sealer, or taping machine. Boxes pass through on a conveyor and the sealing mechanism applies tape or glue to close and seal them securely. They work with pressure-sensitive or water-activated tapes or hot melt glue dispensers.

Case sealers offer these benefits:

  • Faster taping
  • Increased throughput with less downtime
  • Uniform sealing and correct tape alignment every time
  • Secure sealing of overfilled and underfilled cartons of different sizes
  • Reduced labor requirements so staff can be redeployed to more critical or complex tasks
  • Reduces risk of injury due to cuts or scrapes from taping equipment, and from repetitive motions
  • Consistent dispensing of tape and adhesives minimizes waste and supply costs

Case Sealers from TPC Packaging Solutions

Case sealers excel when combined with case erectors. This is because the erector produces uniform boxes with consistent flap alignment and orientation. That in turn aligns and feeds the filled boxes into the sealer for correct tape placement. Proper sealing keeps boxes closed and intact during shipping for better product protection.

When selecting a case sealer, consider the type of tape or glue used, how many different sizes and shapes of boxes will be sealed, and the overall volume.

Our line of case sealers includes:

  • Wexxar Bel Pressure Sensitive Tape Case Sealers
  • Wexxar Bel Semi-Automatic Tape Case Sealers
  • Wexxar Bel Hot Melt Glue Case Sealers
  • Wexxar Bel High-Speed Automatic Tape Case Sealers
  • DEKKA 100 Semi-Automatic Case Sealers
  • SOCO Case Sealers
  • Interpack Case Sealers
  • Eastey Case Sealers

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