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Get to Know TPC Packaging Solutions

TPC Packaging Solutions delivers customized packaging solutions for several areas of business, ranging from manufacturing and assembly to maintenance and repair, shipping and receiving, facilities repair and maintenance, and many more. With over five decades of experience working with various industries and products, we strive to continuously provide innovative, effective, and efficient solutions for our partners.

Industries TPC Packaging Solutions Serves

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we serve a diverse range of industries with our packaging solutions. Key industries we provide for include:

  • Ecommerce. Pick and pack is a critical application of ecommerce packaging equipment and products. When you ship a premium product, your packaging should ensure that the product arrives in ideal conditions. To ensure this, our product line includes a range of dependable ecommerce solutions.
  • Food and Beverage. We specialize in high-quality packaging products that meet the unique needs of our food and beverage industry clients. Our customized solutions include specialized airtight products, tamper-evident packages, and other food-safe products that keep food fresh while protecting it from environmental and chemical contamination.
  • Contract Packaging. Contract packagers are third-party companies that take on all packaging operations for their clients, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Because they handle all aspects of packaging, they require quality equipment such as our tamper-evident banding and sleeve labeling machines.

Other industries we serve include:

  • Maintenance, Repair, & Operations (MRO)
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Building & Construction
  • Temperature Controlled Packaging

ISO-Certified Converting Services and Capabilities

TPC Packaging Solutions offers ISO-certified converting services to turn raw goods into usable packaging products. Our products include custom equipment, labels, films, and standard tapes.

Our converting services include:

  • Spooling and Rewind Finishing: We can customize spool-wound products to suit automatic applications. 
  • Precision Cutting. Our precision cutting capabilities rely on advanced technologies to cut precise shapes and dimensions from various materials.
  • Die-Cutting. Die-cutting uses a die and press to cut a range of shapes from a roll or sheet. We offer flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, and specialized die-cutting services.
  • Printing. We offer foil stamping, thermal printing, inkjet printing, and flexographic printing services.
  • Slitting. We can cut a master roll to your precise dimensions in narrow or specialized sizes for easier distribution and handling.
  • Adhesive Coating and Lamination. Our coating and lamination services allow us to make almost any substrate adhesive. We work with various materials and can manufacture custom adhesives to suit any application.
  • Value-Added Services. To further streamline the process for our customers, we offer value-added services including inventory management, prototyping, and consulting.

Semi- and Fully-Automated Packaging Equipment

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we specialize in semi-automated and fully-automated systems for packaging. Packaging equipment can help optimize your packing operations, reducing labor while increasing productivity. Automation allows you to consolidate personnel to areas where they are most effective, providing improved efficiency without sacrificing product quality. 

Semi-Automated Packaging Equipment

Semi-automated packaging equipment requires an operator to complete tasks. This usually means that the operator initiates the process and the machine finishes it. For example, a semi-automated bottle labeler requires an operator to load the blank bottle into the machine and press a switch so that the machine precisely applies the label. This reduces the labor and time involved while delivering accurate results.

Fully Automated Packaging Equipment

Fully automated packaging equipment relies on the machine to start and finish the task and requires minimal operator intervention. For example, a palletized load can be automatically conveyed through a facility until it arrives at its wrapping station where sensors will tell it to stop. The wrapping station applies the correct amount of wrap along with a tracking label. The system will transport the pallet to storage, where it can be picked up by a forklift operator and moved to its next destination.

Packaging Careers at TPC Packaging Solutions

We’re Hiring! See our frequently updated list of packaging industry positions, and step into an exciting and rewarding career. We seek motivated people to deliver exceptional customer care with our superior quality products and solutions. If you want to build your career with a leader in the packaging industry, please apply for one of our available positions.


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