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What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging uses environmentally friendly material in packaging needed for wrapping, shipping, or storing items. It’s an increasingly popular option for protecting products with minimal negative impacts on the environment, and almost any industry can make the switch with customized sustainable material converting services.

TPC has been at the forefront of specialty packaging solutions for over half a decade — and we’ve spearheaded sustainable packaging designs utilizing biodegradable and post-consumer materials that numerous industries rely on. Read on to learn how sustainable packaging is transforming businesses by prioritizing the health of consumers and the environment.

Sustainable Packaging Overview

What does sustainable packaging mean? Sustainable packaging is rapidly aligning numerous business, industry, and public interests toward mutually beneficial and sustainable outcomes for the environment.

It accomplishes this by fulfilling the needs of manufacturing, transportation, and waste management industries with a minimal negative impact on consumers and their natural resources. With sustainable packaging, everyone involved in modern trade can enjoy participating in their economy with confidence that product packaging isn’t harming the environment.

This is because sustainable packaging reduces pollution, making it easier to safely reuse, recycle, or dispose of packaging materials. It also requires introducing fewer harmful chemicals into the environment, with more carefully chosen materials and packaging designs that take into account the source and destination of packaging materials.

This is done via a full life cycle assessment of a product’s impact on the environment — from how the material is sourced to how it will be disposed of. After use, sustainable packaging companies can convert them into other useful resources or they can degrade into harmless substances more quickly than the standard packaging of yesterday.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

This term is broad, encompassing a variety of materials that reduce the negative impact on the environment. This can be done through more creative packaging designs that reduce packaging volume and/or use materials that have minimal impacts on natural resources.

Examples of sustainable packaging materials include:

  • Air pillows made from recycled content
  • Biodegradable and recycled plastics
  • Corrugated bubble wrap
  • Recycled cardboard and paper
  • PCR (post-consumer recyclable material)

What are The Benefits Of Sustainable Packaging

How does sustainable packaging help the environment? By switching to sustainable packaging, the following benefits can be achieved, both immediately and long-term:

  • Reduced landfill waste & pollution
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Easier packaging disposal
  • Elimination of harmful toxins
  • Packaging can be easily reused or recycled
  • Eco-friendly packaging has versatile uses
  • Improved brand image
  • Reduced transportation costs

Why Choose TPC Packaging Solutions

Sustainable packaging dramatically reduces the impact packaging materials have on environmental resources, landfill size, and the health of people and ecosystems. Creative packaging solutions using ecologically friendly materials reduce the number of raw materials needed, and after use they can be reapplied in other useful ways or harmlessly disposed of. Businesses and the general public both benefit, as transportation and other costs become lower, along with reduced pollution and environmental toxins.

TPC Packaging Solutions is proudly leading the way in ecologically safe packaging solutions. Our sustainable packaging converting services allow us to customize tapes, films, labels, and other materials for our clients’ unique packaging requirements. We leverage over 55 years of experience dedicated to resolving the most challenging packaging challenges — and we’re continually innovating eco-friendly packaging solutions for people, industry, and the planet.

For assistance determining the best sustainable packaging solutions according to your specific applications, contact us today.


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