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Why Choose a Packaging Industry Career?

The packaging industry offers a surprising number of opportunities for job seekers at virtually every level of skill and experience. Packaging is an industry rapidly moving towards a trillion-dollar market, and industry reports indicate there is no sign of slowing. 

Choosing a career in the packaging industry is a wise move for applicants seeking job stability, as the need for packaging is unlikely to go away anytime soon. With more than 100,000 open jobs available, there are opportunities for applicants with wide-ranging experience, including marketing, engineering, food science, and much more.

About Jobs in The Packaging Industry

There may be a perception that jobs in the packaging industry are mostly production and design-focused, but packaging is a full-fledged industry with plentiful opportunities ranging from fabrication and design to digital marketing and project management.

The packaging industry services nearly all production and manufacturing industries in America and across the globe, making it one of the largest industries in existence. The increasing sophistication and technological developments in the field have likewise increased the demand for packaging professionals.

There are countless reasons to consider making a career in the packaging industry, including:

  • Career growth potential: Career advancement opportunities in this dynamic industry is virtually limitless. With a heavy reliance on technology, the packaging industry values promoting from within to retain in-house knowledge.
  • Creative opportunities: Marketing and design have become increasingly important to brands in every industry, and packaging is one of the primary platforms used for brand identification. With such a heavy emphasis on branding, the packaging industry is in high demand for graphic designers, marketers, packaging engineers, and much more.
  • Stability: Even through economic downturns, the need for packaging is constant. The rapid growth of the e-commerce industry has further solidified the need for protective packaging. Packaging needs are constantly evolving. From convenience in the food and beverage industry to theft prevention in the retail sector, these fluctuating needs provided added stability for professionals in the packaging industry.
  • Accessibility: The packaging industry needs workers from a huge spectrum of backgrounds and industries. Packaging requires the expertise of creatives, engineers, assembly workers, information technology professionals, human resources, legal experts, scientists, and many more.

Types of Packaging Industry Jobs

The packaging industry has much to offer in terms of opportunity and growth. To delve into more detail on the specific jobs that can be found in the industry, here are a few examples of open packaging career positions at TPC Packaging Solutions:

  • Machine Operator Jobs: Responsible for operating various types of machinery, machine operators facilitate the production of industrial packaging materials. They oversee the entire production process from reviewing work orders and determining required materials to quality checking finished products and final packaging. Ideal candidates will be highly organized and have the ability to perform physically demanding tasks.
  • Territory Sales Manager Jobs: Territory sales managers are responsible for the overall sales and marketing strategies for their assigned territory. This includes researching, making contact with, and developing relationships with sales leads. Territory managers must familiarize themselves with TPC’s entire catalog of products and services. Ideal candidates will have excellent interpersonal skills, a high capacity for leadership, and the ability to interpret sales data and analytics.
  • Field Service Technician Jobs: Field service technicians interface with customers to instruct them on proper equipment usage to increase productivity. Technicians provide on-site maintenance and repair services and identify additional sales opportunities. Field technicians should be able to use diagrams to perform repairs and have a basic understanding of electronics and computers.

Key Packaging Industry Trends

The packaging industry is burgeoning with innovative technologies to suit the evolving packaging needs of industries from electronics to food and beverage, making it an exciting time to enter the field. Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology in the production line that increases efficiency and reduces manufacturing costs.

Sustainability is another important movement that countless companies are moving towards. The packaging industry needs personnel to engineer innovative solutions for sustainable packaging as it becomes more prevalent.

Packaging manufacturers are implementing real-time analytics to quickly identify abnormalities, allowing maintenance crews and engineers to make repairs, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. These analytics will provide useful information to optimize productivity.

Packaging Career Opportunities at TPC Packaging Solutions

Innovation abounds in the packaging industry, and with thousands of packaging jobs available, now is the perfect time to explore a career in the packaging industry. TPC Packaging has been an industry leader for over 50 years. Our commitment to advanced technology and emphasis on customer service put us at the forefront of this thriving industry. To learn more about careers in the packaging industry, take a look at our currently open positions or contact us today.


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